a must : @ home ofPiaggio...

into the museum!!

who wants become big has to start small:-))

not long.. small!!
this is what Piaggio didin former times - just look at the wheels
so unpractical !!
even with completet coverage - mine are faste :-))
everything started with this - Faro Basso ´48


The whole topic about Proler - i love to call them this way - is following through my whole life! at the age of 4 i noticed my affinity for technical things -a lego model train was my first choice followed by smaller and bigger model trains. At the same age my dad bought a vespa T4.. continuing with basic mechanical applications like Märklin Metall and basics of micro model combustion engines.. this should be the basic for all things dealing with combustion engines no matter if piston or gas turbine. This is the basic for setting up works on carburatorsan fuel injekter systems..Followed by a mofa and of couse my first vespa...

My dad s light blue T4 did not like the way i like..and no idea how to get it there.. had to be learned and continued. Practical course and apprenticeship should be helpful and of course the Masters degree in mech engineering should be enoughng.. Meanwhile the amount of Vespas grew up to 3-4.. I started to learn more specific things for Vespa Proler like Steering times, pre exhaust time resonance rpm and so on..Now a day s i got the capability to set up nearly every configuration for all type of application.. Tip!! Exhaust systrems are fascinating.. they can produce high performance with little input. Therefore i love the device....and loud pipes save lifes :-))

Generating the ideal solution for u is my major goal. What has to be done will be done no more or less.

Have fun circeling my passion...








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