Time going by, i fabricated several toys.. only in hands on job you really learn about it especially the black box filled with tricks:-))


My Speedy.. short transmission gears, 210 Malossi, 36er PHF -

carbu, light fly wheel, here with Bertram 120, all trimmed for



Speedy in former times, long stroke crank.. quite similar setup like

new version..210er, big tyers (120/90), 28 mm carb., PSP pipe



nice Mobil: mini roket with 130/70er tyers, around 125 km/h

Same setup like speedy but 30er PHB - carb


my newest toy.. about same setup like mini roket , 208 Polini

30er PHB, PM - pipe, membran intake and so on!!


the duck with 166er Malossi, prolonged PX 80 Gears-

22er primary gear for good accel.....


and a 50 cc :-)) ideal if u have to go somewhere..

proler in the back of a combi up and away..:-))