With the help of friends you can easyly achive nice optics..


my 1. Vespa a150er T4 j ´59 bought by my dad.

eveyrthing started with this..


An exhaust system producing vortex rings - just a question of



same - same but different.


..the orange one - of cause can not generate rings..


Thailand: very nice 8 inch wheels ,

nice colour and good painting but::


Optic good Technic bad!! Attention to Pakistan, India and

Thailand Imports. Technic and electrics is mostly a desater.. painting and quite fast.. my hands on :-))
a nice blue - no original paint, but looks nice..

a scrap 50 ccm: basics for my new project

V 50 with 20 HP - here a lot more has to be done!!


Finally... im done.. the last conversion made me this highly

transportable.. just into the car 70 kg :-)) i m a light weight!

I allready visited the guys from SIP in Landsberg...


the 50 s scrap... brathing, sanding filling. ok painting..

new floor boards new wiering, bearing ect in case of need!


F... electric: evething had to be changed to 12 Volt...

closing citcuit breaker and regulator for electronic ignition..


an excellent Exhaust system..low noise and max torque:

the PM 40: mounting is a bit difficultl!!


i dont like myself this way.. a flat seat and mini flasher are

requested! all @ SIP scooteshop - on stock!!